Greenchef Glasstop Brio 4burner

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  • Tri-pin brass burners
  • Toughened glass
  • Sturdy pan support
  • Backlit Knob
  • Elegant knob for firmer grip
  • Attractive Design



Number of Burners


Burner type

Tri-pin brass burners


360-degree (Backside)

Glass Thickness


Ignition Type


Package Weight



2 years

This gas stove features a toughened 6mm glass top and removable burner stands that are spill-proof. Its compact design makes it ideal for minimizing space. Its robust legs give the stove firm grip.
Gas stove Brio   Gas stove Brio Dimension  

Greenchef Brio 4 Burner Glass Top Manual Gas Stove

Greenchef Brio gas stove with 4 burners is a highly efficient stove. The 6MM glass top is toughened to be shatter-proof. It looks elegant and adds charm to your kitchen. The burner stands are designed to be spill-proof, so you don’t have to worry about your vessels toppling over. The knobs are ergonomically designed for ease of use. Moreover, they are engineered to avoid leakage of gas to give you a safe and efficient cooking experience. The compact design of the stove saves you a lot of counter-top space. The strong rubber legs will give firm gripping for the Gas Stove.



Gas stove Brio
Gas stove Brio

Tri-Pin Brass Burner

The Tri-Pin burners are perfect for Indian vessels because the holes ensure optimum distribution of flames to ensure uniform cooking, it consumes less fuel. With safety, it also delivers resistance from corrosion and high heat. The cooktop is featured with 4 Distinct Sized Burners.

Gas stove Brio

Heat Resistant Knob

Greenchef Brio gas stove comes with a smart and elegant knob for that firm grip and professional look. These knobs are strong and sturdy to use. The knobs are made heat resistant for longer cooking durations unique to Indian cooking.

Gas stove Brio

Sturdy Pan Support

Sturdy pan supports that easily accommodate large and heavy vessels. Greenchef Hob pans provide durability and maximum stability for pots and pans and they maintain their balance on the stove and not fall off easily. These thick pans hold perfect griping, rustproof and attractive design.

Gas stove Brio

6mm Toughened Glass

This brio gas stove has toughened Black Glass 6mm edge glass finish, which is non-breakable. The glass finish is not only durable and long-lasting but also beautifies the aesthetics of your kitchen. The Toughened Black Glass is easy to clean, heat and scratch resistant.

Gas stove Brio

Easy to clean

The Greenchef Brio gas stove having a smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain. One of the big challenges while cooking is maintaining a clean kitchen this stove can be cleaned very easily simply by using a wet cloth.

Gas stove Brio

High Quality Nozzle

Greenchef gas stove comes with a high-quality nozzle that is non-breakable and rustproof. It helps in connecting to gas without bending the pipe. This gas stove is equipped with a 360-degree nozzle, it enables you to place the cylinder on any side at your convenience.

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